Aromatherapy Massage

The aromatherapy massage in delhi combines the benefits of aromatherapy with the benefits of therapeutic body massage in delhi, delivering relaxation and pleasure in each massage, as well as excellent healing properties for you.

Aromatherapy is an ancient art that is incorporated into this time of life of rapid changes and accelerated life.

This discipline provides a therapeutic use of pure aromas for a natural treatment and an important complement to help restore our balance and harmony.

Essential oils have many properties that stimulate the human being and become an invaluable element of well-being.


The history of aromatherapy is linked to the history of humanity and its culture. It is undeniable that the natural environment, where vegetables live, is there before man. So that when it makes its appearance, the air is full of aromas that this world has made.

The walks through forests, lighting the fire, laying on the grass … are aromatic experiences, which even today are capable of impacting the human being. In ancient times, Egyptians made A.C. 40 centuries ago prepared with essential oils that were used in medicine, cosmetics, baths and to harmonize temples.

The Egyptians began the art of extracting the essences of the plants by heating them in clay pots, it was the Greek alchemists who preserved the fragrance and the healing properties invented the distillation to obtain essential oils.

The use of essential oils was done for millennia in China, India and Persia. The Vedas also used oils in their medicine.

The medicinal-aromatic vegetables produce essences, they are extracted by distillation and pressure, there are also other methods for some particular species.


One way of acting the EA (essential oils) is through the sense of smell, harmonizing emotional and spiritual psychic states. The sense of smell is related to our emotions by being directly connected to the brain., Where is the center of emotions, also the space of many vital activities to our organism, sleep, sensuality, thirst, memory, etc. . When something is smelled, emotional memory is evoked. The limbic system where the center of emotions is located, is related to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that is connected to the sexual glands. The associative memory of aromas and situations generate the use of oils for therapeutic use, since the conscience registers the aroma with the ambience.


The use of the AE is indicated to comprehensively support the health of a person.

To treat imbalances in the Nervous System: insomnia, anxiety, nervous cough, depression, anguish …
To treat imbalances in the immune system: flu, tonsillitis, respiratory problems, dermatological infections.
Muscular, digestive ailments and a long etc.