Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage technique is designed to penetrate below the superficial layers of the muscle, making it ideal for treating chronic muscle problems and muscle tightness or tightness. Due to its technique it is very indicated to release deeply all the accumulated muscular tension, especially in people that generate muscular load by situations of stress throughout the time. It is also very useful in athletes who accumulate certain degrees of muscle tension as a result of their training work.

This type of massage is not for everyone. If during the session there are pains or discomfort that bother the patient, it is necessary to end the session. It is also not recommended for people who, due to their physical condition or age, do not tolerate this technique. People who suffer from osteoporosis or think they may suffer from osteoporosis should refrain from undergoing it.
Why is this type of massage different from others?

Most massage techniques are focused on producing a state of relaxation of the superficial muscles. The massage of deep tissue is directed mainly to the deep layers of the muscles, that is to say those that are part of the base of the corporal statics, reason why it produces a state of deeper and lasting relaxation. Also in this technique the therapist uses his hands, his forearms, elbows, heel of the hand, etc. so it is likely that during the session feel some discomfort, however at the end you will feel much more relieved because with this type of massage have stretched all muscles and of course the deepest, so that their degree of mobility and flexibility will increase significantly.
How long is a session of this massage?

The duration of a session varies according to the problem consulted, although in general a general massage session can be done in approximately 45 minutes, depending on the body size and the muscular tension that the person presents.
For whom is it indicated?

For all people who need a deep body massage in delhi order to relax and lengthen the muscles of the deep planes.

All the people that need to treat chronic muscular problems or that drag an injury as a consequence of some muscular, tendinous or joint trauma.

Sportsmen who need to put all their muscles in order to maintain themselves in an ideal way to compete.

People with need or desire to work on the deep muscles.
Deep contractures.
Reduced mobility
Recovery of injuries (sports injuries, traumas, etc.)
Injuries due to over-application and derived from work.
Postural problems
Muscle tension.